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Set ASG66 Lawnmower (0130) & Chainsaw (0534) & Blower (0330) & 2x5.0ah Batteries & 1x60A SKIL Quick Charger

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  • 2 Battery 5Ah
  • Charger 6A
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Battery Chainsaw 'Brushless' 20V SKIL (0534) SOLO

  • Chain and 30 cm blade for cutting small logs and branches
  • "Keep Cool™" battery technology ensures 25% longer operating time and 2x longer life
  • "Easy Storage" design for space saving and tidy storage of the tool
  • Our patented 'ActivCell™' technology works to optimize power usage, avoiding overheating and maximizing battery performance
  • Brushless motor: Faster, stronger and 10 times longer life
  • Lithium-ion technology: No memory effect, no self-discharge and always ready to use
  • Easy chain change and adjustment: no other tools are necessary
  • Automatic chain lubrication for comfortable use
  • Part of the SKIL 'Energy Platform': The flexible battery system
  • Quick stop system and recoil brake for safety
  • Compact "20V Max" (18 V) Lithium Ion Chainsaw with High Cutting Performance Experience


Brushless battery leaf blower for dry and wet leaves. The SKIL 0330 "20V Max" (18 V) is a brushless battery leaf blower ideal for blowing dry and wet leaves. A brushless motor is faster, more powerful and has at least 10 times longer life than a comparable brushed motor. This tool is equipped with a powerful axial fan, which creates a large air volume of 680 m3/hour and an impressive maximum air speed of 160 km/hour. You can easily maximize the airflow of the SKIL 0330 by attaching the included sweep nozzle. An added bonus is the lightweight, ergonomic design of this tool, which allows you to use the tool with just one hand.

technical data

  • Electrical voltage: 18 V
  • Electrical voltage: 20 V Max
  • Sound pressure: 88.9
  • Vibration level: < 2.5


  • Brushless motor: Faster, stronger and 10 times longer life
  • The performance of '40V Max' with 2 x SKIL '20V Max Keep Cool™' Li-ion batteries
  • SKIL's 'Grass Guide' for mowing near walls and edges

ca,sans-serif;"> TECHNICAL DETAILS

  • Electrical voltage: 36 V
  • Electrical voltage: 40 V Max
  • Cutting width: 34 cm
  • Grass box capacity: 35 l
  • Cutting height: 25-75 mm
  • Trim height settings: 6
  • Voltage/frequency (charger): 220-240 V / 50-60 Hz


  • 2 Battery 5Ah
  • Charger 6A