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Pruning Shears FELCO - No 8

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Pruning Shears - High Efficiency - Ergonomic

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Pruning shears - High efficiency - Ergonomic


  • Reliability: Practical handles, light and strong, made of forged aluminum. Screw blade and counter blade made of high quality painted steel. Clean and precise cut.
  • Efficiency: Easy and stable cutting adjustment. Notch for cutting wires. Blade cleaning groove.
  • Ergonomics: Hand and wrist protection and optimal performance thanks to the ideal shape of the handles, the sloping head and the elastic shock absorption point. Non-slip lining.
  • Notch for cutting wires: The scissor blades have a special notch, which allows the cutting of small diameter wires, without damaging the blade.
  • Blade cleaning groove: The groove for the juices prevents the blade from sticking when you cut a "juicy" wood. Saves time and makes pruning easier by cleaning the juices and shavings after each cut.
  • Micrometer adjustment: The FELCO micrometer adjustment system (blade - ax), guarantees their optimal performance throughout the life of the tool. Ensures smooth and clean pruning.
  • Vibration absorption system: The elastic impact point of the FELCO handles reduces vibrations during cutting, thus protecting the hand and the wrist.
  • Forged aluminum handles: Light in weight, durable and stable thanks to the special aluminum alloy and the forging method used in the construction of the handles.